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Who Are We ?

Lee Little also known as Coach Jay is a man of truth and conviction, he is kind in heart and serious in countenance. He was inspired by his mother who is a retired educator and pastor. Coach Jay, has been empowering youths and adults; living up to his zodiac sign a Leo. Lee Little is a lion when it comes to impacting young men, he is the CEO and founder of Man Up Now LLC. It is a powerful organization that focuses on empowering young boys to become strong men that will affect the community. 

Mr. Little goal is to ultimately help people reach their full potential. He has a passion for football which came from toughness and not having the funds to play. He had to raise funds to play on his first team where he met his neighbor David Patten (a three time super bowl champion). It was something about his acquaintance and being friends with his sons learning the life of football at a young age. 

This launched him to pour everything he had to his nephews and his community. Coach High was his first football coach, who also served as a father figure while dealing with the sudden illness and the death of his father. He took him to all his games when his mom couldn’t do it because she had to now take on both parental roles while pursuing her dreams and taking care of his siblings. 

Coach Jay is the man he is today because of his life’s trauma and confusion at an early age. He is now the head coach of the Greenview Eagles youth football team. Lee Little is a product of Spring Valley High School and a graduate of Ridge View High School, where he cofounded S.M.O.O.T.H. (serious men operating on purpose through honor) a boys mentoring group. He was also chosen to be featured on R2TV to do a documentary on his upbringing. 

Coach Jay believes that change is not change until you change…..and his statement of conviction “ is Watch my feet don’t watch my mouth”

What We Do ?

We partner with other leaders in the community to help create a positive and productive environment for the youth.

We offer guidance to help further kids and young adults in academics and resources on starting a career.

We focus on providing our youth with physical fitness opportunities for better health and wellness overall.

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